Picking Your Media

All of us that pay any attention to the news have our favorite news medium. While some prefer to watch FOX News, others prefer to read Washington Post online, and a lot of people listen to the BBC News podcast. My question today would be what drives you to that medium? Do you prefer one station because they generally seem more biased to your political party? Do the owners have the same religious beliefs and have articles biased to those? Do you just read the same newspaper your parents did because it was always around? When it comes to your medium, what makes you trust them?

I find these days that to many people just listen to the news and follow blindly without second guessing, or doing their own research into the issues at hand. How many times have we been told that coffee is bad for you, then it’s good, then bad again…. I find that most of the studies that the news reports on have been insignificant with very few cases the study covering more than a few hundred people. Countless times I’ve watched clips displayed on the news only to watch the full interview, or speech and find out that the clip was completely taken out of context. My suggestion to you is to not fully trust ANY news source. Rather than just read one, read two or three. Really research the statements in the article, better yet, go straight to the source. Watch the speeches, and interviews for yourself and ignore all the opinionated, biased articles that everyone seems to post these days.

When picking your news, do you pay more attention to global, national, state, or local news? Reading articles from two or three sites can become time consuming if you read every single article that’s published. My suggestion is to re-prioritize your media consumption. I try to put a higher priority on my local news because it affects me the most. Then state, national and lastly global. Yes, it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, but it’s even more important for you to know what’s going on in your own neighborhood.

I’ve seen the question pop up several times online about disconnecting completely from the media. As much as I would really LOVE to do this, I do feel it’s important for many reasons to keep up with at least some news. Besides possibly keeping you safe, and allowing you to know when things change in laws, or important date changes, it also gives you things to discuss with people, and if done properly can help strengthen your social life! Without healthy discussions about issues, nothing in this world will ever change for the better. Only when we start talking, and more importantly, listening, will things improve.

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